Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's Better to Give Than Receive - Holiday Networking

As the holidays approach, most kids' thoughts turn to gifts. Visions of beautifully wrapped packages stacked high fill the dreams of many children. What will be in those packages? Will you get everything you put on your wish list? Receiving gifts is something everyone enjoys. But did you know that many people enjoy giving gifts even more than receiving them? It's true. You may have heard people say from time to time, “It's better to give than to receive."

When it comes to the holidays and networking it is the perfect time to arrange 
introductions with the people you’d like to know.

But even more, it’s a great time to focus on how you can help others rather than just focusing on your own networking needs. The most successful networkers make it a point to find ways to help others, suggesting assistance and offering support before it’s even asked. The most reliable networking strategy promotes good relationships by concentrating on giving more and expecting less. Find ways to surprise people by offering assistance before they ask. This generosity demonstrates good intentions, creates good interpersonal chemistry and generates a desire to return the favor.
Yes, it is better to give.
This time of year offers many occasions to nurture relationships, create lasting positive impressions, get on the radar and be remembered for your assistance.

But don’t forget, you want to be remembered for the right reasons:
  1. Don’t overindulge in food or beverages.
  2. Conduct yourself professionally at all times.
  3. Dress conservatively. 
  4. Just one meaningful dialogue creates measurable value from every networking event.
  5. It’s the quality not the quantity of relationships developed, pursued or renewed.
Holiday networking targeted to giving and helping is good career management that produces networking benefits throughout the new year.

Scot Dickerson, CPC | President | Capstone Search Group

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