Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Money in the bank

Only captains are supposed to go down with their ship!

Kind of interesting to see what has happened recently, with more expected to come.

Some of our largest, and arguably, most prestigious financial conglomerates, have been taken over, or just disintegrated before our eyes.

In many instances the “captains” are gone, and those that have been manning the oars and lifeboats, so to speak, have been left to salvage the remains.

For the loyalists, many of their stocks have plummeted along with the ship, yet they still hang on.


Yes... I’m sure there are as many individual reasons as there are individuals involved in the question, but the bottom line is that there are many financially secure, well managed, and well funded companies out there, who are still looking for talented people up and down their hierarchies.

Some who stay on board will be fine, but if you haven’t yet taken the time to reevaluate your future situation, and see if there are greener and more secure pastures, I would suggest that with the soft market likely to continue for a while, your time may be running short. (Fewer positions).

So... consider giving yourself some peace of mind by at least checking out your options.

Harvey Dorland

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Money in the Bank....

Another example of my “learn something new” suggestion comes to mind with the following:

While clients are generally negative with resumes that show a steady pattern of job movement (good recruiters have been at work!), many are also negative, believe it or not, with those that have never made a job change!

The stated reason is that these candidates have typically only learned one way of doing things (nothing new), and may likely find themselves having a difficult time learning a new culture and embracing the changes that are typical with career movement.

Harvey Dorland