Thursday, January 19, 2017

How to Conduct Job Interviews with Remote Employees

While employers should always look for well-qualified employees to fill both in-office and remote positions, hiring someone who will work outside the office full time requires a slightly different approach. Even if the job interview is conducted via video conference it's still going to be a different experience from a traditional face-to-face job interview.
With the lack of in-person meetings, hiring managers can't rely on body language, facial expressions and other nonverbal cues to help them determine the best candidate. If you're planning to hire a remote employee, here are a FIVE STEPS to take throughout the virtual job interview process that will help you evaluate candidates:

1. Assess the candidate's communications skills
A good remote employee needs to be exceptionally accessible and communicative since that person won't be reporting to the office every day. See how quickly they respond to emails, how clearly they communicate digitally, how flexible they are in terms of scheduling meetings, etc.

2. Give your prospect a trial period or test assignment
If your hiring timeline allows, give a remote candidate a test assignment before you make a final decision. This project or assignment should be easy to complete in a short period of time, so you are able to see the candidate's quality of work as well as his or her ability to stay on schedule.

3. Pay closer attention to past work and professional references
Has this candidate freelanced or worked other remote positions in the past? While most hiring managers consider the past work and previous employers of any type of employee, it's especially important to do so for remote employees.

4. Set out crystal-clear expectations during the job interview
Remote employees will have a different set of questions that need to be addressed. It's important to give remote employee job candidates a real understanding of the expectations in order to make sure that you're both on the same page.

5. After the job interview
Once you've chosen and hired the right candidate, in order to help them feel like an important part of the company culture you should welcome them to the team just as you would any in-office employee. Fly in remote employees every once in a while to encourage team bonding and building. Provide remote employees with extra services, such as online chat rooms and videoconferencing, to make sure they feel like they're in the loop.

Scot Dickerson, CPC | President | Capstone Search Group

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