Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Money in the bank

References can end a very lengthy interview process in either a positive or negative light.

As a candidate you are virtually committing career suicide by not knowing (just assuming) what your references will be saying to a potential new employer.

Would you drive down a winding road at night and turn your lights off at the last turn?

How about jumping off a 3 story building before checking to see if the safety net was in place?

Not vetting your references, before you use them, is not dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s.

Getting a less than glowing reference from a name you give me or a future employer happens all too often, and you can avoid it!

Harvey Dorland

Pacific Recruiting

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Money in the bank

For 2010, it appears that peoples top financial goals are:

Rebuild portfolio – 50%

Pay down debt – 23%

Spend less / save more – 16%

Get new job – 7%

Buy a home – 4%

On how people feel about 2010:

15% expect to do a lot better

31% expect to do a little better

28% about the same as 2009

26% worse than 2009

Gold seems to be on a lot of peoples mind, but Money Magazine says since 1974 when restrictions were lifted on owning gold, stocks have actually done a better job of beating inflation than gold has.

Harvey Dorland

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring is near!

I just received an email from a candidate with such a positive outlook. With his permission, I share it.

"We have now seen two consecutive quarters of GDP growth. The worst economic downturn in the world economy since the Great Depression is coming to an end. The "green shoots" are now turning into real growth. I believe these difficult economic experiences make us better business people." - Sam P.

It is true, diversity makes us stronger. We try harder, we work smarter and with the rebirth of our earth each spring we tend to start anew. This spring, turn your green shoots into real growth.

Laura Hill
The Hill Group, L.P

Monday, February 8, 2010

Money in the bank

While the number of temporary positions fell sharply in the U.S., during the recent recession the ranks of involuntary part-timers (full time work not available) has doubled to 9.2 million people.

I wonder if these people are counted in our 10% national unemployment figure? Probably not!

I feel grateful that unemployment in the insurance sector is only in the 2% range, but, I still lament at those whom I know that I can’t find a position for.

Yes... hiring has picked up, but the roadblocks of going from candidate to actual hired employee have become larger.

Harvey Dorland

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