Monday, March 3, 2014

Job Interviews - Details Do Count

I've blogged about proper attire to wear to an interview before, and proper interview preparation and presentation. Here are some real life experiences I've had relating back to feedback I've received from hiring managers after they've interviewed a candidate. Good illustrations to my previous points.

The below are samples of real feedback I've received, and it is clear that details do count

  • Scot, great candidate, but he actually propped his feet up on my desk while we were talking. I like candidates to be relaxed, but that was a little too far.
  • Scot, the candidate was technically solid but they should have worn long sleeves. They had numerous scrapes up & down both arms. That came up in conversation and the candidate told me they had been transporting chickens in and out of cages the day before.
  • Scot, great candidate but they really should have brought another set of interview clothes. We met for dinner the night before the interview and the candidate got spaghetti sauce on their shirt. The next day during a full day of interviews in the office, they had that same shirt on with that same stain.
  • Scot, I liked the candidate’s technical claims experience, but I just can’t get past the strong smell of alcohol on their breath.
  • Scot, overall solid candidate, however details can be everything. The candidate came to the interview in a suit, but their shirt was partially untucked and their tie was loose. It just didn't seem appropriate for a first meeting.
  • Scot, I understand that not everyone can afford a new suit, but this candidate’s suit was clearly way too small and very outdated.
  • Scot, I really like the candidate but honestly could not get a word in edge wise during the interview.
  • Scot, good candidate but they blew it with me when they described their previous supervisor as a “crazy witch.”
Scot Dickerson
Capstone Search