Monday, December 28, 2009

Money in the bank

Perhaps not surprising, no insurance organization in the U.S. was named in the top 25 for being the best at developing leadership talent.

The U.S. would need to add 11 million jobs to bring the unemployment rate back to where it was before the recession, and it could be a decade before it goes under 5%.

But... a lot of hiring has been going on (from 7/08 to 7/09, 51.3 million Americans were hired).

The problem is, 56.6 million quit or were fired.

Forbes believes the biggest areas for growth in the long run will be services – financial, legal, healthcare, leisure.

Hope that means insurance, also! J

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Harvey Dorland

Pacific Recruiting

Monday, December 7, 2009

Money in the bank

Business Week says that within 6 years the number of managers in the right age bracket for leadership roles will drop by 30% and the average corporation will be left with half the critical talent it needs by 2015.

On top of all of this, areas like Asia, whose gross domestic product will be the largest in the world next year are also seeking out this same talent.

So... if you are in management but are stagnating, ready for management but not being recognized, or an undergraduate with management aspirations, your time is coming if it is not already here.

Be prepared to think not just of Texas or the U.S... Be prepared to think globally.

Harvey Dorland