Wednesday, April 30, 2008 in the bank

The nuggets can come in the form of competitor intelligence, internal intelligence, or perhaps – who is newly entering the marketplace in your general area.

All of these insights are potentially profitable pieces of information for enhancing your career where you are, or, perhaps new opportunities elsewhere.

We can’t and don’t place everyone we speak with in new positions (or we would probably all be retired!), but if we give you a nugget of information that is of assistance, you often return the favor some other time.

That often leads to money in our bank!

More later.

Harvey Dorland

Friday, April 25, 2008

NIRA Convention Update from Phoenix!

The National Insurance Recruiting Association is meeting this week in Phoenix, Arizona. “Once a year, the top insurance recruiters in the land get together to discuss the industry and how we can better serve our clients and candidates” , Jay Cohen, NIRA president said. “ NIRA recruiters have some of the best jobs in the country that can’t be found anywhere else!”

About 70 recruiters are basking in the sun and fun of the dessert. The schedule includes meetings, dinners, golf, sightseeing and most importantly networking and education. “We talk about the trends in insurance recruiting and how each one of us can find the best jobs and locate the best candidates” mentioned Gail Audibert. “We have the opportunity to really make a difference by having so many experienced insurance recruiting professionals share their experiences. It is only going to help our candidates get the best insurance jobs.”

The conference concludes Sunday.