Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sitting at the Computer Is So Much A Part of Our Daily Lives

My goal with my blog posts is to hopefully provide readers useful information as it relates to insurance industry staffing as well as job seeker insight, tips and advice. This post is a different twist to my usual tidbits, but if it helps anyone, anyone at all, it serves its purpose.

For years I've suffered with eye strain & excessive dry eyes. Sitting at a computer for hours every day and then a mobile device when I’m out and about (home) certainly has not helped my situation. And I know I’m like many professionals out there; sitting at the computer is so much a part of our daily lives. We are all finding it increasingly difficult to break away for a well-deserved and needed break. Or maybe just an eye break.

A couple weeks ago I actually had to take some time off one day as I was having a pretty nasty headache caused from eye strain. That following Monday, on the front page of our local paper I read an article about dry eye. There is a new technology in Iowa only available at one provider in Des Moines. I figured enough was enough and scheduled an appointment for an evaluation. They actually had an opening for the actual procedure so I took advantage of already being there, and when they told me I was a candidate for the procedure based on the evaluation, I jumped at it.

So the dry eye treatment is only a piece of the overall problem. There is still the eye strain that accompanies the dry eye issue. Again, realizing this was all an issue I still procrastinated. My excuse: just not enough time to make the adjustments needed to give me a better quality of life. Oh my. Saying that out loud really sounds ridiculous.

Don’t be like me. Improve your quality of life at work immediately. Here is a very informative article by Gary Heiting, OD, and Larry K. Wan, OD entitled: Computer Eye Strain: 10 Steps to Relief

Scot Dickerson 
Capstone Search Group