Friday, May 21, 2010


A recent article says you have nothing to lose negotiating for a better offer, if you are entertaining going to a new employer.

I wound insert a caveat to that: “only if the offer is less than what you had originally indicated you were seeking”.

Trying to “up the ante” at the end of the process, will not endear you to your new management team.

Linkedin has 60 million members, its site had $17Mil visitors in February, the average member makes $107k, and more than 25% are senior execs.

Every Fortune 500 company is represented.

Oracle found their new CFO (2008) via Linkedin.

Someone, too, may be reaching out to you!

Harvey Dorland

Pacific Recruiting

Friday, May 7, 2010

Money in the bank

If you work remotely from your home, check with your employer about your workers’ compensation coverage.

You may not have any, or it could be limited.

New job listings posted on 22,000 companies websites that were surveyed were down 6% - and 43 states showed declines in new job listings.

Apparently 2.6 million jobs are vacant in the U.S. because there aren’t enough workers with those exact skills (Smart Money magazine).

Unfortunately... no mention as to what those skills are.

4.5% for a 15 year mortgage will save you $50,000 for every $100,000 borrowed, versus 5.2% for a 30 year mortgage!

Harvey Dorland