Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Desirable locations based on: well-being, work, and community, environment & recreational activities

Working a national insurance recruiting practice for near 20 years provides a person an opportunity to be exposed to countless individual stories as to why a person wants to be in a specific region, state, or city. For the majority it seems to be about being closer to family. For some it is about being in an area that affords them the opportunity to be near a major insurance hub in case something were to happen to their job. Let’s call that job risk management. For others it may be about being close to things they enjoy. Or being in an area that supports their interests and/or hobbies.

It is always however about an individual’s priorities. What they and their family members feel is most important to them at that stage in their lives or family situation.

While all this is true, I found the following story interesting. My own state of Iowa makes the following list, yet I have found Iowa to be a tough sell when speaking with candidates. The article is suggesting that the largest metropolitan areas may be losing some of their appeal. Perhaps, or maybe people are shifting their priorities? Interesting read regardless.

Scot Dickerson, CPC
President  Capstone Search