Friday, August 28, 2009

Money in the bank

According to a 50,000 employee survey taken in 65 organizations, 60% are dissatisfied with their pay... so it’s not just you and me!J

52% of recently surveyed employers are more concerned now, than before the recession, about retaining their top performers. (They must have heard that recruiters are lurking close by!).

There were 3,295,000 on-line advertized vacancies in July.

With so many people unemployed, you would wonder if a fix may be in sight, or are most of those positions unfillable because the talent base is just not there?

90% of the private economists believe the economic downturn should end in this year’s 3rd quarter.

Harvey Dorland

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Money in the bank

9.5 million retirees are considering returning to work at least part-time, and 32% of our currently employed workers expect to delay retirement.

Speaking about work... the majority (85%) of employers say they plan to maintain their current staff levels through the 3rd quarter (5% expect to add staff and 8% make reductions).

Pretty interesting:

If you save just $400/month from age 25 to 34 and it grows 7% you’ll have $602k at age 65.

If you delay your start to age 35 but save for 30 years (instead of the above 10), you’ll only have $528k, even though you’ve saved $100k more.

So... the benefits of compounding are enormous.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Look Before You Leap at a New Job

Recently I’ve found The Wall Street Journal’s “Personal Finance” and “Careers” sections to be spot on with its reporting of the employment market. Articles over the past 6-8 weeks demonstrate the barrage of information candidates receive about the economy, unemployment, and the timing of a job search. Consider the article, “Look Before You Leap at a New Job,” from June 21, 2009. The author stresses patience and thoughtfulness which isn’t always easy for people feeling the pressure of unemployment in an ultra-competitive job market.

For more information on the article you can visit the link below:

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