Monday, October 20, 2008

Money in the bank

Many of you will face the opportunity / dilemma of the possibility of relocating one or more times during your career, or afterward.

My experiences have been that as long as you are “open” to your new community and neighborhood, and that you recognize that there are likely going to be some differences regardless of where you go, everything will be fine.

It’s the openness and genuineness that will make any move end up being generally smooth.

Friends that you had before will continue as friends, as long as you continue to keep the lines of communication on-going.

And... you’ll find a wealth of new ones in your new neighborhood and office.

You’ll have a new invigoration to your life:

· New people

· New places

· New home

The experience can actually be a very positive influence for you... as long as you don’t fight it every step of the way, and can let loose a bit about yesterday in lieu of looking ahead towards tomorrow.

Kind of interesting in that on the retirement side some 420,000 people go out of State each year.

Harvey Dorland